Palestinians Returning to Khan Younis After Israeli Withdrawal Find an Unrecognizable City

Streams of Palestinians filed into the southern Gaza city of Khan Younis on Monday to salvage what they could from the vast destruction left in the wake of Israel’s offensive, a day after the Israeli military announced it was withdrawing troops from the area.Many came back to the Gaza Strip’s second-largest city to find their former hometown unrecognizable. With scores of buildings destroyed or damaged, piles of rubble now sit where apartments and businesses once did. Streets have been bulldozed. Schools and hospitals were damaged by the fighting.

Israel’s ‘Human Shields’ Lie

Israel isn’t being “forced” to kill Palestinian children, it is knowingly choosing to.The “human shields” narrative is just one more instance in which Israel pretends to be the victim while actually being the victimizer.They lied about beheaded babies so that they could get away with murdering babies. They lied about mass rapes so that they could get away with committing rape. They lied about Hamas using civilians as human shields so that they could kill civilians.They lie about being victims so that they can victimize.

Weaponizing antisemitism: the smearing of Yves Michaud

The reference to the censure of Yves Michaud, the use of antisemitism as a weapon, the refusal of François Legault to excuse the defamatory nature of the charges made against Yves Michaud in the National Assembly bring us to the continued use of antisemitism as a weapon and the continued vigorous support for Israelism shown by Premier Legault and his National Assembly colleagues at the outset of the conflict in Gaza, being a casebook example of a planned genocide via indiscriminate bombing of hospitals, clinics, cultural centers, mosques, churches, schools, residential buildings and a deliberate campaign of starvation in Gaza to the point of causing widespread malnutrition and even death.

Complicit in Genocide: Where Israel Gets Its Weapons From

Over 9,000 Palestinian women have been killed since the start of the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip. Mothers have been the largest share of Israeli killings, at an average of 37 mothers per day since October 7.The numbers above, from the Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza and the Red Crescent Society respectively, only convey part of the suffering experienced by 2.3 million Palestinians in the Strip.


The CDPQ December 31, 2022, year-end report is out and shows $2.4+B investments in a dozen companies (up from 10 from last year) that are listed on the UN Data base as complicit with war crimes. These combine with $10 B in other companies complicit with Israeli war crimes, including $3.5B in WSP, the Montreal headquartered company that is under investigation to be added to the UN data base. CDPQ also has majority ownership in Allied Universal (which purchased G4S) of at least $1.5 B (but more likely much more, perhaps around $7B).

Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec invests in Israeli war crimes

Fragments historiques pour rêver la coalition 2005 à 2021

Download the pdf to learn more about the history of the BDS movement in Québec. The document is in French.

Stop the race 2022

Don’t collaborate with Israeli APARTHEID

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