After almost four months since the beginning of this horrific aggression by the Occupation against the civilian population of Gaza, the situation on the ground is increasingly catastrophic and terrifying .Life has a bitter taste; in fact, there is no life in Gaza. Life is completely paralyzed. There is nothing,...

Bulletin: 1201

According to the United Nations, 4 out of 5 of the hungriest people anywhere in the world are in Gaza. You know that the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, UNRWA, provides food for most Gazans and critical infrastructure for other aid organizations. Yet, after Israel made unverified allegations that a handful of UNRWA staff participated in the October...

Bulletin: 1200

An Israeli dossier that more than a dozen countries have cited to justify cutting off funding to the United Nations’ Palestinian refugee agency “provides no evidence” that a small number of the key U.N. aid body’s employees were involved in the October 7 Hamas-led attack, according to an investigation released Monday by...

Bulletin: 1199

Around twenty Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), including Oxfam and Médecins Du Monde (MDM), wrote that they were shocked and revolted by the irresponsible decision of a dozen countries to cut off food supplies to an entire population.

Bulletin: 1198

In what historians describe as the first genocide of the 20th century, Namibians resisting colonization were placed in concentration camps and a death camp known as Shark Island—a prototype for Auschwitz—in which Indigenous people and children born from the rape of imprisoned women by German soldiers were gruesomely experimented on to prove racial inferiority. About 65,000...

Bulletin: 1197

As part of the info-war, in which the Israeli occupation is losing miserably, “Israel” has killed 119 journalists in #Gaza since October 7. Through their deliberate assassinations of journalists in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli occupation tries to hide its atrocities and massacres committed against Palestinian civilians.

Bulletin: 1196


Decisions of the ICJ are legally binding under international law. And if the ICJ finds that Israel is committing genocide, all 152 countries that are party to the Genocide Convention are legally obligated to take steps in their own governments to penalize the state of Israel. These steps can include anything...

Bulletin: 1195

In what the outlet described as a “gloomy forecast”, the Israeli occupation’s list of injured soldiers will increase by more than 20%, according to officials in the Security Ministry’s Rehabilitation Division. Although the official number of injured soldiers, since October 7, is around 2,300 injured troops, the report sheds light...

Bulletin: 1194

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