Books not Bombs – Court rejects McGill’s injunction against encampment begging the question: whose university is it anyway?

This week, the Superior Court rejected a request for an injunction presented by McGill University to force the dismantling of the student encampment. For nearly a month now, students have been leading a peaceful protest encampment to demand that the University end its academic and financial ties with the Israeli genocidal regime. The action is part of an international protest movement on university campuses, in solidarity with Palestine and against the ongoing genocide.

In the Matter of Irwin Cotler and the Late Brian Mulroney

Journalists avoid asking for clarification regarding Cotler’s claim to have been Mandela’s lawyer. It is but one of the myths which have been built up around Cotler and those myths have been so carefully threaded that no one deems to question them. After all, who would doubt the reputation of a former Canadian Minister of Justice, a darling of the media, ‘Nelson Mandela’s lawyer’?

An amalgam that undermines social peace

What encourages anti-Semitism is the conflation of Jews with Israel, of Judaism with Zionism, by Israel and pro-Israeli Jewish and Christian organizations. Israel promotes this association by declaring itself “The State of the Jewish People”, even though half of the Jews do not live there and more and more young Jews reject it. Moreover, Israel’s allies around the world use this conflation to stifle critics of Israel by labeling them anti-Semitic

Heroic’ Palestinian surgeon dies in Israeli prison after months in detention

A senior Palestinian doctor has died inside an Israeli prison after being held in detention for more than four months, a Palestinian prisoners’ association said.Adnan Al-Bursh was the head of orthopedics at Al Shifa Hospital – Gaza’s largest medical facility.He was arrested along with 10 other medical workers by Israeli forces while treating patients at Al-Awada Hospital in north Gaza, the part of the Strip which Israel’s incessant missile strikes have completely flattened.The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society called his death an “assassination”, saying it was part of “a systematic targeting process against physicians and the health care system in Gaza”.Al-Bursh’s body has not yet been released by Israeli authorities.


The CDPQ December 31, 2022, year-end report is out and shows $2.4+B investments in a dozen companies (up from 10 from last year) that are listed on the UN Data base as complicit with war crimes. These combine with $10 B in other companies complicit with Israeli war crimes, including $3.5B in WSP, the Montreal headquartered company that is under investigation to be added to the UN data base. CDPQ also has majority ownership in Allied Universal (which purchased G4S) of at least $1.5 B (but more likely much more, perhaps around $7B).

Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec invests in Israeli war crimes

Fragments historiques pour rêver la coalition 2005 à 2021

Download the pdf to learn more about the history of the BDS movement in Québec. The document is in French.

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