Instrumentalizing antisemitism instead of fighting the far right is unworthy and dangerous

The fight against antisemitism and against all forms of racism is a fundamental fight. It cannot and must not be led astray by political games.

We Jewish citizens consider it our historical duty, in the name of our individual and collective memories, for history and for the future, to block the coming to power of the Rassemblement National. This is the emergency and this is the real fight against antisemitism and against all forms of racism.

Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ) invests in Gaza Genocide

The CDPQ December 31, 2023 year-end report includes over $14 billion of investments in companies complicit with Israeli war crimes and genocide. This represents just over 3 percent of the CDPQ total holdings of $434 billion.

The CDPQ had investments totaling $1.5 billion in seven companies listed in the United Nations database of companies engaged in certain Israeli settlement activity in the occupied Palestinian territory (OPT).

Full text of Hamas reply to Israel’s Gaza ceasefire proposal

According to amendments submitted to Egyptian and Qatari mediators earlier this week, Hamas demanded an end to the debilitating 17-year-long siege on Gaza which would allow the free movement of people and goods into the territory.

According to other amendments, Hamas demanded that Israeli forces fully withdraw from the entire Gaza Strip in the first phase of the ceasefire, including the Rafah crossing and the so-called Philadelphi Corridor, which runs along the border between the strip and Egypt.

The mainstream media distorted our anti-Vietnam War protests 50 years ago. They’re following the same strategy today

What is striking today is that the mainstream media’s efforts to smear pro-Palestinian student protests is eerily similar to how the mainstream media slandered student protests against the war in Vietnam 50 years ago


The CDPQ December 31, 2022, year-end report is out and shows $2.4+B investments in a dozen companies (up from 10 from last year) that are listed on the UN Data base as complicit with war crimes. These combine with $10 B in other companies complicit with Israeli war crimes, including $3.5B in WSP, the Montreal headquartered company that is under investigation to be added to the UN data base. CDPQ also has majority ownership in Allied Universal (which purchased G4S) of at least $1.5 B (but more likely much more, perhaps around $7B).

Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec invests in Israeli war crimes

Fragments historiques pour rêver la coalition 2005 à 2021

Download the pdf to learn more about the history of the BDS movement in Québec. The document is in French.

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