Irwin Cotler as a False Humanitarian: Cotler works to persecute critics of Israeli apartheid & lied about being Mandela’s lawyer

* This was originally published in The Canada Files A number of years ago, Justin Trudeau, in a glowing testimonial to Irwin Cotler, referred to the latter as his mentor. I mention this at the outset so as to underscore Trudeau’s choice of Cotler to advise the...

France’s Fête nationale: Georges Ibrahim Abdallah
and the fight for freedom and dignity

Today, July 14th, is France’s National Day, its Fête nationale. On this day, we would like to tell you about a Lebanese schoolteacher named Georges Ibrahim Abdallah.

Chabad’s Jewish Racism Connected to the Crime of Apartheid

When I wrote Chabad’s Supernal Jew: Racism in Contemporary Western Judaism I had not yet come across Jewish Israeli and Palestinians as distinct ‘racial groups’ within the meaning of the crime of apartheid?.  Carola Lingaas notes that “Race is a deeply...

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