19 Sep, 2022

Merci! Thank you for attending Ali’s talk


A note of thanks to attendees & co-organizers of the September 15th conference at Concordia University

Dear friends,

Thank you for attending our event, Battle for Justice in Palestine: The Case for a Single Democratic State in Palestine with speaker Ali Abunimah on September 15th. We’re so glad you could join us in this conversation to help us understand the shifting tides of the politics of Palestine and Israel in a fast changing world. Ali made a compelling and surprising case for why the Palestine solidarity movement just might win. 

We want to extend a special thank you to co-organizers and supporters including Academics for Palestine – Concordia as well as the Canadian Foreign Policy Institute CFPI, Just Peace Advocates, Canadian BDS Coalition, Alternatives, TRAC Union and the Palestinian Youth Movement.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Dean of Students of Concordia University, Andrew Woodall, for attending and offering clarifications over the space-booking mishap that occurred. We were happy to hear that Concordia University did not attempt to stifle the event from happening. It seems to have been a miscommunication situation. On our part, we apologize for any misunderstandings with the hope that we can build in the future a stronger and better relationship with the university. While the CSU was not part of organizing the event, we would like to also extend our gratitude to the students who along with the Dean of Students generously ensured access to university space.

We hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did. Thanks again for joining us. We look forward to perhaps seeing you at a future event on Palestine solidarity or even at one of our weekly pickets.

In solidarity,

Bruce Katz Palestinian and Jewish Unity (PAJU)

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