8 Jan, 2024


Staggering 12,500 Israeli soldiers to be classified as disabled


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A Ynet report reveals the astonishing number of underreported casualties by the Israeli occupation’s military command.

At least 12,500 Israeli occupation soldiers will be added to the list of disabled troops, a report conducted by the Israeli Ynet news website revealed on Friday.

In what the outlet described as a “gloomy forecast”, the Israeli occupation’s list of injured soldiers will increase by more than 20%, according to officials in the Security Ministry’s Rehabilitation Division. Although the official number of injured soldiers, since October 7, is around 2,300 injured troops, the report sheds light on the staggering toll of military casualties, which has been kept hidden. Additionally, Ynet confirmed that the number of moderate and light injuries is rarely ever recognized in official announcements.

According to the outlet, an independent company conducted an assessment at the Ministry’s request. It indicates that a “conservative and cautious estimate” suggests that around 12,500 soldiers would be legally recognized as disabled. However, the total number of requests for recognition is expected to reach an astonishing 20,000.

Such numbers were described by Ynet as markers of “a national event of a historical magnitude,” which the occupation has not known since its inception.

The outlet extensively discussed the drawbacks resulting from such a high number of newly disabled people within the Israeli settler communities, shedding light on the heavy socioeconomic costs that will be incurred, as a result of the phenomenon.

Currently, the Rehabilitation Division deals with around 60,000 disabled Israeli soldiers, meaning that it will experience a 20.83% increase in the number of patients. So far, 3,400 soldiers have been recognized as disabled since October 7.

The influx of thousands of newly added patients necessitates a commensurate expansion in the Division’s workforce. Additionally, the heightened demand for medical equipment, increased medical staff, and prosthetics will incur additional expenses, calling for a supplementary budget to meet the expanded requirements.

Palestinian Resistance officials have recurrently discussed the underreporting of Israeli military casualties, which currently stands at 509 killed and a few thousand injured. The Ynet report adds to growing evidence, affirming the claims made by Resistance leaders regarding a large number of casualties incurred by the Israeli occupation amid its multi-flanked aggression on the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and Lebanon.

Furthermore, the news adds to a growing number of crises experienced by the Israeli occupation due to its ongoing genocidal war in the Gaza Strip, which includes a wide-ranging economic downturn, tens of thousands of settlers dispersed from their colonial outposts, internal political strife, and multi-faceted insecurity.

Staggering 12,500 Israeli soldiers to be classified as disabled | Al Mayadeen English

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PAJU Note: Israel cannot defeat Hamas militarily. Despite its genocidal campaign targeting Palestinian civilians, Israel will not defeat Hamas. Netanyahu knows that the moment there is a ceasefire, which will confirm that Israel has failed in its attempt to destroy Hamas, Netanyahu is finished. He is currently on trial for fraud and corruption in Israel and faces the distinct possibility of prison time. What is more, South Africa will likely win its case against Israel vis-à-vis the charge of genocide at the International Court of Justice further causing the Netanyahu coalition to implode, which explains Netanyahu’s wish to continue “his war”. Israeli authorities have been lying about the numbers of its dead and wounded soldiers as shown by the article above from Al Mayadeen. The cruel and inhuman reality of the situation in Gaza is that ‘Destroying Hamas’ is nothing more than a code word for the physical destruction of Gaza, the calculated murder of thousands of Gazans and the forced displacement of Gaza’s population to the Sinai, a clear genocide perpetrated under the watchful and complicit eyes of Western political elites.

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