9 Jun, 2024


‘Israel cannot win against Hezbollah or Hamas’: Israeli general


Israeli Major General Yitzhak Brik says the Israeli occupation is doomed to fail in the face of Hezbollah and Hamas due to its ever-growing weakness.

The Israeli occupation forces will be met with failure in their war with Hamas, and they will certainly meet the same fate in a war against Hezbollah, Israeli Reserve Major General and military analyst Yitzhak Brik said Friday in an op-ed for the Jerusalem Post.

Brik stressed that the IOF couldn’t beat either Resistance faction, not because they do not seek victory, but simply because they can not emerge victorious, citing the “small and weak” army that has “no surplus of forces.”

“Every day the war continues, our situation worsens,” he said, decrying that both the IOF and the Israeli occupation in and of itself were heading toward internal collapse. 

Brik had no one else but the war cabinet to blame for this, seeing as they are responsible for the management of the Israeli entity at such times, condemning the body by saying that its members had “only one daily goal”, which was to continue the war no matter the cost so long as it safeguards their political positions. 

“They must be stopped. They are leading the people of Israel like sheep to the slaughter,” he said, reiterating that they did not care about the Israeli occupation itself but rather their own ranks within it.

The Israeli brigadier general underlined that he had envisioned all that is happening in the invasion of Rafah before it happened, highlighting that “Israel” is “losing control of the world’s nations” in a way the Israelis had never known, including their ties with Egypt. 

The Israeli occupation “needs to stop the destruction and immediately distance themselves from these warmongers who are leading us astray.”

According to Brik, the Israeli government is leading settlers into the abyss, once again stressing that the leaders of the Israeli regime were sacrificing the settler colonial project for their own personal gains.

He underlined that the only solution at this time was for the cabinet to declare a ceasefire and realize that they could not bring back the Israeli captives through violence.

Rafah was a ‘tragic mistake’

Entering the city of Rafah in southern Gaza did not benefit “Israel”, Brik pointed out earlier in an op-ed for Maariv.

Brik considered that entering Rafah was a “tragic mistake” that isolated “Israel” from the rest of the world and risked peace with Egypt, suggesting that this move would forever prevent the Israeli occupation entity from retrieving the captives held by the Palestinian Resistance in Gaza.

Touching on his meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Reserve Brigadier General said that he repeatedly explained to the premier the reasons why entering Rafah should be avoided.

He revealed that Netanyahu deceived him into believing he was convinced by the reasons, but as soon as the meeting ended, Netanyahu prioritized his own interests over “Israel’s”.

Brik told the Israeli public radio that the Israeli military is “spreading illusions, throwing dust in the eyes of Israelis, and not telling the truth.”

Reiterating the need to halt the fighting, Brik acknowledged that “Israel” has “a small army incapable of defeating Hamas” and that this army will certainly face a problem if it launches a full-scale war.

‘Israel cannot win against Hezbollah or Hamas’: Israeli general | Al Mayadeen English


These comments by this reserve general in the IDF highlights reality.  Israel cannot maintain a protracted conflict. It does not have the manpower nor the ability to sustain such a conflict regardless of its crimes and its great brutality exercised against a helpless Palestinian civilian population. This rogue state – of which the rampaging fascist settlers are an inherent part – faces eventual strategic defeat and collapse in any attrition scenario. Brighter Israelis see the writing on the wall and are preparing their exit and escape in what is a ‘reverse Aliyah.’. Many Israelis have a second (and some even a third) passport that are renewed and kept current and ready. Few people want to die or see their children killed or maimed in defense of this failed settler colonial state and its illegal occupation and theft of Palestinian land and resources. This is the beginning of the end of the Zionist project for a ‘Greater Israel’. Towards a single democratic state from the river to the sea with equal civil rights of a single citizenship for all those who adopt values of democracy and equal rights for all!

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