26 Mar, 2024


Israeli forces execute 50 Palestinians in Al-Shifa, including children


The Gaza Media Office reveals details of the ongoing Israeli crimes in al-Shifa Medical Center, which has been besieged since Monday dawn

March 19, 2024

Israeli occupation forces committed another atrocious massacre in the Gaza Strip, executing 50 Palestinian citizens in Al-Shifa Medical Complex, the Gaza Media Office announced on Tuesday.

The occupation’s military also arrested around 200 Palestinians in the area surrounding the complex and Al-Shifa Hospital itself, according to the Media Office. 

It revealed that the Israeli military admitted to committing the massacre, a “clear war crime” and a “blatant violation of international law.”

“We received preliminary information regarding the occupation army’s execution of a number of children among civilians, patients, and [forcibly] displaced people that were executed.”

Hundreds of heavily armed soldiers, police dogs, dozens of tanks, unmanned aerial vehicles, and military helicopters participated in the invasion of Al-Shifa Hospital, the Media Office noted. Israeli occupation forces shot at civilians and fired multiple shells and missiles toward the medical complex, which led to martyrdom and wounding of 250 people.

The Media Office condemned the massacre committed in Al-Shifa, holding the Israeli occupation, the United States administration, and the international community accountable for the atrocity, which the Office warned of “in the first hours of the invasion.”

‘Israel’ dismantles Gaza’s healthcare system, starves civilians

Moreover, it demanded that all health-related organizations “condemn these series of crimes” that the Israeli occupation is committing against hospitals and medical centers in the Gaza Strip, which aim to abolish Gaza’s healthcare system. 

Israeli occupation forces have also besieged the Complex, which hosted around 30,000 civilians who took shelter in its facilities and 5,000 patients. On that note, the Ministry of Health in Gaza said that patients and detained healthcare providers have not had any water or food to drink for the past two days, due to the Israeli-imposed siege. 

The Ministry of Health said that the aforementioned individuals have “fasted for the past two days without breaking their fast,” referencing rituals practiced by Muslims during the Holy Month of Ramadan. As Muslim families all around the world break their fast at sunset, Palestinians have been famished due to brutal Israeli policies employed in the Gaza Strip. 

The Israeli occupation launched its invasion of Al-Shifa Hospital on Monday dawn firing dozens of missiles and shells at the vicinity of the hospital and its medical facilities. This is the second time that “Israel” blatantly violated international law and invaded Al-Shifa Hospital, under the pretext that the facilities host Palestinian Resistance fighters. However, “Israel” was unable to justify its attack in the initial invasion and stuck to a number of poorly produced propaganda videos, doing the same in the current attack on Gaza’s largest medical facility.

Israeli forces execute 50 Palestinians in Al-Shifa, including children | Al Mayadeen English

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