25 Apr, 2023


Majority of Israelis fearful for nation’s future: Poll

Bruce Katz

PAJU (Palestinian and Jewish Unity) #1157 April 21st, 2023

Majority of Israelis fearful for nation’s future: Poll

According to the new polls, 48 percent of Israelis believe that the situation in Israel will continue to deteriorate

As Israel approaches its 75th anniversary, a majority of Israelis are fearful about the future of their state, a poll released on 21 April suggests.

When asked about the future of the State of Israel, “51 percent said they were pessimistic, while only 43 percent were optimistic and 6 percent said they did not know,” Times of Israel said, citing the results of the Channel 12 survey.

According to another poll released the same day by Israeli public broadcaster Kan, 48 percent of Israelis believe their situation “will be worse in the coming years,” while only 20 percent said that things would improve. 19 percent said nothing would change, and 13 percent said they did not know.

Following the last Israeli election in November, Kan asked the same question regarding the future of Israel, to which 42 percent “believed that the situation would worsen” – representing a six percent increase in Israeli pessimism over the future of their state.

When asked by Channel 12 if they felt represented by Israel’s new government, 60 percent said no, while 27 percent said yes, and 13 percent said they did not know.

Additionally, 53 percent of respondents to the Kan poll – a majority of Israelis – believe that Benjamin Netanyahu’s judicial overhaul plans are harmful to the State of Israel. 32 percent believe it is beneficial, and 15 percent answered that they did not know.

As a result of the judicial overhaul plan, which Israelis see as a threat to their democracy, widespread civil discontent and unrest have plagued Israel. While the overhaul itself has been postponed until next month, tension remains high – and has even spread into the military establishment, as hundreds of army reservists have not turned up for duty.

This unprecedented discontent has prompted many Israelis to apply for foreign passports, which symbolizes longstanding fears that turmoil in Israel could lead to a ‘reverse Aliyah,’ or a mass exodus of Jews from Israel to other parts of the globe (the opposite of early 20th century, mass immigration which led to the state’s formation).

Coupled with the fact that Israel now faces a serious threat from the Axis of Resistance on a number of fronts, Israelis no longer feel confident in the future of the state they live in.

Source: Majority of Israelis fearful for nation’s future: Poll (thecradle.co)

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