18 Jan, 2019



All about the secret Israeli cyber attack firm Candiru

Did you know that Israel is home to more than 120 companies which are into nefarious cyber activities? These findings were revealed by a Tel Aviv based newspaper ‘The Marker’ which operates daily in Hebrew and is known to report some sensational news with the cooperation of the International New York Times.

A reliable source from ‘The Marker’ reports that a firm named Candiru offers cyber attacks-as-a-service where people can sell and hire offensive cyber tools for hacking computer networks. Candiru is known to sell hacking technology for those who want to spy on phones and computers.

Reports indicate that there are over 32 such companies operating in the region which make the offensive cyber activity big business in Israel. Trade analysts say that it results in the generation of $2 billion in sales a year.

Cyber Intelligence firm NSO and several other companies from Saudi Arabia and Mexico happen to be the regular customers of the said company as they are found to be using the service tools to spy and crack down their adversaries.

Sources reporting to Cybersecurity Insiders say that Candiru’s sales policy is typical as it doesn’t sell its services to some regions such as Africa, Australia, and the United States. It only has customers from Western Europe and Asia and is adamant about its decision to sell equipment to those based in Israel.

However, The Marker claims that NSO is also a customer of Candiru as it is often seen contacting the surreptitious firm for some espionage-related projects. However, the spokesperson of the government based intelligence firm refuses to go on record on the issue.

Like Candiru, FinFisher is also a cyber firm which sells attack tools on the dark web. Both companies do not have any directories on the web and their 120 plus employees do not have a social network presence as they are recruited only when they sign a strict confidentiality agreement.

Note 1- Precisely speaking, NSO Group is a government-funded cyber-security firm based in Herzliya, Israel. The company’s objective is to provide authorized governments cyber tools to help them combat terror and online crime. Pegasus software, a spy software is said to be a brainchild of this firm.

Note 2- All the work force required to carry out the company operations are being recruited from Israel Defense Forces 8200 Intelligence Unit and are reportedly getting a pay of 80,000 shekels or $21,000 as a fixed salary.

Note 3- It’s high time for the FBI to make a note of such companies and to start keeping a tab on their activities and services being offered to Asian countries.

Adapted from: https://www.cybersecurity-insiders.com/all-about-the-secret-israeli-cyber-attack-firm-candiru/

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