21 Déc, 2018

End of Occupation No 932



Georges Ibrahim Abdallah  is a Lebanese revolutionary who has been imprisoned for 34 years in France. He is now incarcerated in Lannemezan prison. His security sentence was completed in 1999.

This Lebanese national, from a Christian family, originally from Kobayat in northern Lebanon, is now 67 years old. Co-founder in 1979 of the « Lebanese Revolutionary Armed Fractions », a small anti-imperialist Marxist group, who claimed the execution of an American military attache, Charles Ray, in Paris, and of an Israeli diplomat Yacov Barsimentov in Boulogne-Billancourt while Lebanon was invaded by the Israeli army, he was arrested in Lyon on 24 October 1984 and sentenced to life in 1987.

During his trial in Lyon in 1987, he was found guilty of complicity in these murders. This former teacher said before his judges: « I am a fighter not a criminal ». He added, « The way I followed was imposed by the human rights abuses against the Palestinians ». Abdallah was sentenced in 1987 to life imprisonment during a controversial hearing, considered an indelible stain for the French legal system.

The trial suffered many irregularities, first because one of Abdallah’s lawyers was used to spy on him. As for the so-called evidence against Abdallah, they were fabricated retroactively by the French, American and Israeli intelligence services.

The aggressive policies against Lebanon – European in general and Zionist in particular – and the way in which France contributed to it gave birth to the « Abdullah phenomenon », as to many others like him.

These policies contributed to what was called « special operations » in which most Palestinian organizations were involved with many other national liberation movements. Those falsely labeled as « terrorists » acted in accordance with their rights as men. Abdallah’s case is a case of legitimate national resistance.

Over the years and legal procedures, the United States has systematically opposed any release, even conditional, of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, claiming that he is « a danger to the stability of Lebanon » (?). Each time the U.S. has obtained satisfaction from French authorities.

The latest requirement dates back to April 2014, when the US State Department (under President Barack Obama) intervened with the French government to prevent Abdallah’s release and return to Lebanon. Needless to say, Prime Minister Manuel Vals and President François Hollande hastened to comply.

Adapted from: http://www.chroniquepalestine.com/georges-ibrahim-abdallah-il-est-de-nos-luttes-nous-sommes-de-son-combat/




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