15 Oct, 2021

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During their pogrom, Israeli setlers attaked an injured 3-years old child inside an ambulance!

October 7, 2021

An investigation into the pogrom by Jewish settlers against the Palestinian village of Khirbet al-Mufkara last week revealed that here had been an attempted attack on an injured 3-year-old while he was inside the ambulance that had come to take him to the hospital, reports the daily Haaretz.

The assailants attempted to attack an injured Palestinian child who was inside an ambulance. He had been wounded in the head by stones thrown by settlers at his house during the attack on Khirbet al-Mufkara last week.

While the child was on a stretcher next to his uncle, who was also injured by stones, three masked settlers threw stones at them, said a relative of the child, Mohammed Hamamda.

As a reminder, the assault by dozens of masked settlers in this village south of Hebron injured six people.

Israeli human rights NGOs have launched a poster campaign on buses calling on the Minister of Defense and the Minister of Homeland Security to end settler violence. But the posters were taken down during the day “after pressure from right-wing activists,” Haaretz writes.

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Adapted from: https://europalestine.com/2021/10/07/pendant-leur-pogrom-des-colons-israeliens-ont-attaque-un-enfant-de-3-ans-blesse-a-linterieur-dune-ambulance/



PAJU postscript: Yeshayahu Leibowitz (Hebrewישעיהו ליבוביץ‎‎; 29 January 1903 – 18 August 1994) was an Israeli Orthodox Jewish public intellectual and polymath. He was professor of biochemistryorganic chemistry, and neurophysiology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, as well as a prolific writer on Jewish thought and western philosophy. He was known for his outspoken views on ethics, religion, and politics. Leibowitz cautioned that the state of Israel and Zionism had become more sacred than Jewish humanist values and controversially went on to describe Israeli conduct in the occupied Palestinian territories as “Judeo-Nazi” in nature, while warning of the dehumanizing effect of the occupation on the victims and the oppressors.[1]


Haaretz from 2014: https://www.haaretz.com/opinion/.premium-not-neo-nazis-judeo-nazis-1.5250205

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