17 Dec, 2021


After taking the check for one hundred million dollars from Abdelmadjid Tebboune, Mahmoud Abbas went to see Benny Gantz


December 29th, 2021

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas met with the Israeli defense minister on Tuesday to discuss “security and the economy,” several Israeli press headlines reported. The interview took place at Benny Gantz’s residence in central Israel. The senior Israeli official has officially confirmed that he has met the leader of the Palestinian Authority.

“I met with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas this evening (Tuesday). We discussed the implementation of economic and civil measures, and the importance of strengthening our security coordination (…) ”, wrote on Twitter Benny Gantz, shortly after the announcement by his ministry of a meeting with Mahmoud Abbas.

On the Palestinian side, the Minister of Civil Affairs, Hussein al-Sheikh, a close friend of Mahmoud Abbas, indicated on Twitter that this meeting had focused on “security, economic and humanitarian” issues, on “tensions” linked to the activities of the settlers Israelis in the occupied West Bank and on “the importance of creating a political horizon” to achieve a “solution” to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

In Algeria, Mahmoud Abbas’ meeting with Benny Gantz sparked an outcry on social networks. And for good reason; Mahmoud Abbas was greeted like a hero on December 4 during a state visit described as “historic” by Algerian officials. And during this visit, Abdelmadjid Tebboune offered Mahmoud Abbas a check for a financial contribution of the order of one hundred (100) million dollars to the State of Palestine, in addition to the allocation of 300 scholarships for the benefit of Palestinian students.

In the wake of the same visit, Abdelmadjid Tebboune announced that Algeria is working for the organization of an inclusive conference bringing together all Palestinian factions in Algiers and Mahmoud Abbas praised his efforts and actions.

However, it seems that Mahmoud Abbas does not at all share the official orientations of the Algerian regime which presents itself as one of the last bastions of anti-Zionism in the Arab world. Unlike the Algerian leaders who cultivate and disseminate systematic anti-Israel activism in their official speeches, Mahmoud Abbas is much more conciliatory with the Israelis and favorable to their interests.

3 weeks after having cashed his check for 100 million dollars which was generously offered to him by the Algeria of Tebboune, Mahmoud Abbas left to visit Benny Gantz, the man who is presented by Algiers as its most dangerous enemy  because of the military alliance concluded between this former Chief of Staff of the Israeli army from 2011 to 2015 and Morocco on November 24 in Rabat.

Algeria has thus financed a Palestinian leader who is desperate to discuss and negotiate with Israeli officials. And to win favor with the Israelis, Mahmoud Abbas went to Benny Gantz’s residence in Rosh Haayin, central Israel. In Algiers, to be kind enough to Tebboune and his companions, and in the hope of leaving with a large and expensive check, Mahmoud Abbas had not stopped singing the praises of the anti-Israel resistance. “If the occupation authorities continue their tyranny and abuses against our people and our land, we will resort to our own options,” he warned in Algiers.

Once the check was cashed and returned to Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas quickly forgot his warning. He went like a doggie to his master Benny Gantz. Mahmoud Abbas has screwed Tebboune and the Algerian leaders.

And the $ 100 million he had taken possession of will never be used to finance any resistance action. They will enrich Mahmoud Abbas and his entourage. And Israel is already rubbing its hands in it. As for Algeria, it comes out of this story with a humiliating snub: it rolled out the red carpet to a corrupt, dishonest leader who took advantage of the ambient animosity between Algeria and Morocco, ardently supported by Israel, to surf on the “revolutionary” feelings of the Algerian leaders with the sole aim of scooping up 100 million dollars and then leaving to enjoy a delicious coffee… at Benny Gantz’s.

Adapted from: https://www.algeriepartplus.com/apres-avoir-pris-le-cheque-de-100-millions-de-dollars-chez-tebboune-mahmoud-abbas-sest-rendu-chez-benny-gantz/

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Edward Said, The Morning After: Edward Said · The Morning After · LRB 21 October 1993

PAJU NOTE : Along with Yasser Arafat, Mahmoud Abbas was one of the architects of the Oslo Peace process which, as Edward Said put it, was the betrayal of the Palestinian national liberation movement. The article below is the proper reflection of the true nature of Mahmoud Abbas and the corrupt Palestinian Authority. They represent the selling out of the Palestinian people. The Palestinian Authority is a major impediment to the Palestinian realization of national liberation. It must be abolished and national elections held in a Palestine freed from PA corruption and outright Israeli control.

We wish the Palestinian people a future free of Israeli apartheid and the corruption of the Palestinian Authority.

Bruce Katz




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