30 Jul, 2021


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Israeli drawings on detention and torture of Palestinian children

Parents against child detention, an israeli organization linked to the israeli committee against torture, has just launched a series of drawings on facebook to illustrate what Palestinian children are going through and to try to raise awareness of Israeli public opinion to these atrocities.

The testimonies are numerous and the complaints systematically dismissed by Israel.


A soldier tied my feet up and handcuffed my hands behind my back. The handcuffs were tight and painful and my hands swelled up,” said W., a minor from Hebron, who was suspected of throwing stones.

R., 15, from Duha, was arrested at 3.30am in bed on suspicion of throwing stones. “I woke up to the strong glow of a flashlight on my face. I opened my eyes and there were 10 soldiers in the room,” he said. After their commander told him he was under arrest, he was taken to the police station. “Along the way, they cursed at me and called my sister a ‘bitch’. A soldier hit me on the elbow with the butt of his rifle and it was very painful. “

Social worker Nirit Ben Horin is the founder and president of Parents Against Child Detention, which operates under the aegis of the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel. She and executive director Moria Shlomot sat down with designer Lahav Halevy a few months ago to think about ways to reach a wider audience beyond Facebook. “We discussed how to present the subject in a way that would elicit an overwhelming emotional response to the viewer,” says Ben Horin.

This association contacted the illustrators Ruth Gwily, Orit Bergman and Merav Dekel Salomon, as well as the designers Lee Adar and Tamar Honigman, who created a series of drawings illustrating the different stages of the detention of children, in order to “expose the Israelis to a phenomenon that they ignore or that they conceal ”.

“Thousands of minors – adolescents and children – are detained by Israeli security forces in the West Bank and East Jerusalem every year. Every night, while we Israelis sleep, houses in the West Bank are broken into and children are dragged out of beds. ”

“We are fighting to ensure that Palestinian minors receive the protection they deserve under international law and international conventions on the rights of minors, just like Jewish Israeli minors.”

The illustrations are posted on Facebook and Instagram, and hundreds of thousands of Israelis have seen them to date, says Haaretz. The next stage of the project will be an exhibition, adds the Israeli daily.


To view the drawings, click on the link below: https://europalestine.com/2021/07/16/des-dessins-israeliens-sur-la-detention-et-la-torture-des-enfants-palestiniens/




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